Resolving human relations disputes

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Mediation Resolves specializes in settling workplace issues. And we keep you in control of your own decisions during the process.

Founded in 2011, Mediation Resolves believes in the indispensable idea that differences between and among fellow employees can be ended to the mutual satisfaction of all.

We offer alternative approaches to the traditional ways of addressing workplace matters. Our primary strengths lie in eliminating formal employee and ex-employee complaints, avoiding internal relationship disputes, preventing grievance backlogs, and restarting stalled labor negotiations.

Our mediation service is both a cost effective option and a complement to legal proceedings. Workplace mediation discussions are voluntary, confidential, and non-binding.


Through HR Resolves we consult on a number of Human Resources specialties including compensation, and employee metrics and performance. and investigative services.

Since our first year HR Resolves has presented rather unique ER training courses on in-house mediation programs; enhanced negotiation skills; and improved labor-management relations.

We offer 24 x 7 HR expertise on a retainer basis. We extend this arrangement to smaller organizations that do not have HR professionals on the payroll.


We would be honored to participate in your ER resolutions and HR program development.


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Do you have questions regarding alternative dispute resolution or mediation and how they work? Get acquainted with both our approach and our experience. Answer your most important FAQs. Discover how we deliver agreeable solutions to your toughest outstanding issues. 

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Whether it is an Employee Handbook or a long-range strategic plan, read about all of our service offerings here.

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