Workplace Mediation -- Avoid Unresolved Issues

In today's business environment employees are expected to multi-task and accomplish large volumes of work while remaining on top of their game. When there are distractions from the job the probability of poor performance increases.

Unresolved employment issues are more than annoyances. These are not just things for HR or attorneys to handle. The failure to answer pending complaints quickly (or worse yet, to remain silent about them altogether) can directly hit the bottom line.

Workplace mediation fills a huge void in the world of employee and company relations. That void is the ability to achieve quick resolutions to employee complaints.

Organizations are burdened with policies, procedures and personalities that, despite all good intentions, wreak havoc on timely fixes to employee concerns. Increasingly a number of these situations are pending for months and years because they are tangled up in maneuvering. Unresolved issues drive up costs, require additional time commitments and create workplace hostility.

Mediation is a process that includes:

  • Clearly defining the issue

  • Reviewing areas of common interest

  • Brainstorming options

  • Linking options with goals

  • Neutrality and guidance by the mediator.

Workplace mediation not only successfully addresses the challenge of "the tough case" but it also lays the ground work for a conciliatory relationship between the parties in the future. Mediation is a learned process that can be applied to many business contexts -- eliminating wasted time, improving focus and assuring consideration of all the best options.

How old is the coldest case you need to address?


Thornton Mason is a national dispute resolution consultant and human relations mediator with 25 years of experience resolving over 1200 employee matters. His 60 Second Updates have a current reach of over 750,000 readers. He and Mediation Resolves focus on eliminating formal employee complaints, avoiding internal relationship disputes, preventing grievance backlogs, and restarting stalled labor negotiations.