Great ideas and clever leadership create company growth. Many small and medium sized organizations experience the excitement of entrepreneurial success. And there is little else as satisfying in the business world.

We are aware that it is hard for executives to pull away from core competencies in order to deal with daily operational details. Frankly, we believe that thoughtful leaders should not be distracted from strategy. However, fundamentals in pay (and other HR policies) at some point must be planned and implemented in order to reduce the risk of employee distraction and legal concerns.

HR Resolves designs compensation plans from scratch or builds off of current policy. And we do so in very quick order, without sacrificing thoroughness. Our delivery speed is not because we have a pre-packaged plan. We don't. It is because we have experience.

HR Resolves studies up on the individual nature of your company and its strategic plans. We review your current pay approach, and then develop the most compatible ideas for you to proceed.

Lastly, as with all of HR Resolves' custom work, we design plans and policies with a keen eye towards simplicity, credibility, self maintenance, crisp communications, and cost containment.


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