employee handbooks, guides

At some point in your company’s growth it becomes compelling to assure employees are aware of, and practicing, the values you know are crucial to your business.

Information about you as an employer can be consolidated into a three ring binder at any time without much effort.

But how do you avoid the dry, seemingly endless policy statements? How do you prevent writing material that is glanced at only once and then shelved - until perhaps some “I told you so” dire circumstance?


HR Resolves is expert in helping you create useful, dynamic, and even entertaining policy information in order to tell your story well.

To accomplish this, you’ll want to be certain that everyone is reading the same information, and not outdated material. Also, you’ll want associates to have easy access to HR plans, facts and options - preferably without needing to ask the boss each time.


Can you present important information about your company in a readable and valuable way? Can you do so without running afoul of the cautions of lawyers? Yes. Emphatically, yes.

Let’s face it, legalese can be good, but only under certain formal circumstances. But is it a style to communicate your attributes, advice, HR plans, and more? Or is it just a bore?


HR Resolves takes great care when writing or revising your handbook. We work with you to understand your preferred communications style.

Our handbook design typically includes meaningful graphics, an eye toward crisp and concise wording, transparency, readability, ease of updating, and most importantly establishing a guide that answers a myriad of questions.

HR Resolves listens well to understand what information you would like consolidated, and how it should be presented. We consider formats that work best for you (hard copies, on-line, both) and we recommend how you can keep your guides updated and refreshed.


Contact us at any time. There are no obligations, of course, until you say "go."