hr services retainer

Smaller organizations find that, in addition to HR program development, they periodically experience employee situations requiring speedy, thoughtful, and experienced counsel.

For many, it is now more cost effective to have outside HR expertise available instead of employing HR professionals or attorneys.


HR Resolves offers the critical advice you require for unexpected times. Your single point of contact is available when needed - that’s the promise.

We become well-acquainted with your organization in order to give you the best possible assessments.


This is not an administrative support role (records, benefits, payroll), but rather an advisory one.

Clients call us with concerns about employee behavior, or a particular incident - circumstances that require immediate action, but that don’t have a particularly clear answer.

A number of our clients also seek advice on employee recognition for exceptional behavior, or on how to address an emergency closing.


For your protection we clearly outline with you who from your staff may call us, who may not, and regarding what subjects.

Monthly retainer fees are modest and start at the equivalent of four hours of consultation, at a discount.


Contact us at any time. There are no obligations, of course, until you say "go."