personnel investigations

Uniquely sensitive employee issues often warrant careful investigations. Many of these situations dictate using a professional from outside of your organization.

This is particularly true with ethics complaints; alleged violations of law, regulation, internal policy; or behavioral matters involving peers and senior members of management.

Retaining outside investigators in an Ombudsperson role is invaluable. This allows for impartiality, particularly as seen through the lens of those who have surfaced the issue, and by those whose actions are under review.


Our process starts with talking to you so that we fully understand the circumstances. Next we speak to the individuals registering the complaint; and then meet with their referrals who might offer more complete fact-finding. We end our interviews with the people who have had the concerns filed against them.

An oral report is shared with you, followed by our written findings. All notes and exhibits remain with your organization.


Depending upon the sensitivity of the matter at hand, your request for our services might be best coordinated with your legal counsel, for privilege considerations.

Any inquiries by you into our investigative services are strictly confidential, whether you ask us to assist you or not.


Contact us at any time. There are no obligations, of course, until you say "go."