making life easier

Mediation Resolves is aware of two products that make workplace issues easier to manage. Each is a software tool.

We have reviewed these platforms and believe they greatly reduce the administrative time involved with tracking employee matters.

We encourage you to evaluate these products and then make direct contact with the providers. We know the owners and support what they are doing.

Take a look. We think you will be glad that you did.

  • IGS - Internet Grievance System - a grievance tracking and reporting system for local unions and company employee relations staff. Super easy, incredible time saver, great reports that keep you current.
  • I-Labor - a cloud-based complaint and grievance software platform for employee relations and labor professionals. A terrific cost saver and analytical tool. There is no need for hardware or software installation -- a very nice feature.

Mediation Resolves has no financial ownership or management control in these businesses. We neither own nor produce these products. We accept no liabilities for your decision to use them. They are simply exciting options that we find make life easier.


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