mediation resolves

Mediation Resolves fills a huge void in the world of employee and company relations. That void is the ability to achieve quick resolutions to employee complaints.

Organizations are burdened with policies, procedures, and personalities that, despite all good intentions, wreak havoc on timely fixes to employee concerns. Increasingly a number of these situations are pending for months and years because they are tangled up in maneuvering. Unresolved issues drive up costs, require additional time commitments, and create workplace hostility.

Our belief is that wise dispute resolution options are a vital best practice. They are an essential preventative measure for settling employee complaints before they turn costly. 

Mediation Resolves gratefully accepts the challenge of eliminating formal employee and ex-employee complaints, avoiding employee disputes, preventing grievance backlogs, and restarting stalled labor negotiations.

Resolving employee concerns is our passion.