Employee metrics, performance

The subject everyone loves to hate - employee objective setting and performance evaluation.

Encouraging the most out of your team has become increasingly provocative, time consuming, and ironically counter-productive.


HR Resolves takes a view of performance that is perhaps unusual. We focus on informality, simplicity, encouragement, coaching, and the value in recording discussions, both positive and negative.

Following two decades of evolving academic and pragmatic application, we have developed an approach that minimizes anxiety, unfair biases such as the recency syndrome, and statistical curves.

We always take into full consideration your organization’s size, cultural preferences, and current performance process. These become our starting point.


Importantly, we do not offer a one-size-fits-all program for sale. We develop a plan designed specifically for you. We apply your guiding principles, not ours, to yield a unique approach to setting objectives and evaluating results.


We encourage you to call and discuss your present performance approach, as well as your future design preferences.

Contact us at any time. There are no obligations, of course, until you say "go."