Your mediation information

When you are ready to plan your mediation we ask that you gather the information noted below (just the initial contact part) and call us at 352-434-4409. Or should you prefer, write us a brief email at

Next we will call you to discuss some additional details, also noted below for your review.

Depending upon our sense of the issue, and only with your permission, Mediation Resolves might contact each party's lead person for an additional point of view.

You have no obligations to us whatsoever until you say "go." So please do not hesitate to ask all of your questions, review our Notes and get comfortable with our approach. 

in The initial contact Please share

  • The organization name and mailing address of each party

  • The designated contact for each party

  • The titles and phone numbers for each designated contact

  • Whether you have a single issue or multiple issues

  • The issue(s) to be addressed

  • Whether or not you need interviews or investigations beforehand

we also Want to learn more about

  • How old the issue is

  • How contentious the issue seems

  • The methods utilized so far to resolve the issue

  • If the mediation is state or federally mandated

  • If the issue is currently before any court or administrative authority

  • If the parties are still attempting to resolve the issue without mediation


  • The participants attending the mediation from each party

  • The participants who are empowered to sign an agreement at mediation

  • The participants who cannot attend in person and need video or phone conferencing

  • The location the parties prefer for the mediation

  • The number of Meeting Rooms the parties prefer

  • The person responsible for securing the meeting location and setting up the room


  • The amount of time the parties believe the mediation will take

  • The dates the parties wish to schedule the mediation

  • How the parties intend to share paying expenses.